This ingenious creation counts coins with incredible accuracy and efficiency making it perfect for everyday use. In batch counting mode it pauses when each coin is ready for bagging, it then continues to count without resetting and when finished gives the overall total amount in pounds and pence. Alternatively you can set to free count which will give you the the total amount counted and the overall total in pounds and pence. However the best feature we can find is how simple it is to use. Ideal where coins are collected and sorted later e.g charity collections, schools, churches etc. If your wondering whether this machine is suitable for you, all you need to do is ask yourself 2 questions: 1. Do I sort and count cash? 2. Would I like to do it faster and more accurately? If your answer to these 2 questions is yes then it's time to click 'Add to Cart' below and follow the on screen payment instructions. This item comes with a 1 year return to base warranty.  If you have any queries please call us on 08456 44 76 86

Coin Counter & Sorter

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